About Us

A sustainable brand, creating homemade and natural soaps and skin care products. Our aim is to produce beautiful, healthy soaps using the finest ingredients sourced locally and around the world.

My Story
"Coming from an Indigenous tribal community of Sikkim, I believe it is my responsibility and duty to give back to my community and provide opportunities and avenues for women , similar to me, to become financially and socially empowered and independent"

After a decade long successful career in sales and marketing Rinzing, a native, belonging to the Bhutia tribe of Sikkim, decided to step in and manage her family homestay in a small village of Sikkim – Kabi.


Seeing the plight of tribal women in her village she was driven to provide employment and trainings to such marginalized women and build a sustainable and profitable business merging her passion for clean skin care for women and children. Hence, Agapi was born!

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