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A sustainable brand, creating handcrafted and natural skin care products. Our aim is to produce beautiful, healthy skincare using the finest ingredients sourced locally and around the world.

Story of agapi
"Coming from an Indigenous tribal community of Sikkim, I believe it is my responsibility and duty to give back to my community and provide opportunities and avenues for women , similar to me, to become financially and socially empowered and independent"

After a decade-long successful career in sales and marketing Rinzing, a native, belonging to the Bhutia tribe of Sikkim, decided to step in and manage her family homestay in a small village of Sikkim – Kabi.

Agapi was born, then, out of her “responsibility and duty to give back” and to strengthen women, similar to her, to gain financial and societal independence, as she puts it. Agapi became a breath of fresh air, becoming, on one hand, a sustainable and profitable business – and on another, providing employment and training to numerous such women in her village.

Today, Agapi can proudly claim itself to be a brand that coalesces business-building with community-fostering; that blends working for the economy with working for the rights of tribal women, and vulnerable women in Sikkim. It has used bio-technology to enable use of indigenous healing plant properties, planet-friendly production and consumerism, and promoted gender equity and entrepreneurship. Agapi currently has over 300+ women beneficiaries, and has impacted over 1500 lives, in just the few years since its inception in 2019. In 2022, it empaneled with The Commerce and Industries Dept, and Women and Child Commission, and has partnered with the Sikkim State Aids Control Society, and become a proud, official vendor of the G20 Summit in 2023. Determined to uphold and commit to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the brand is continuously catalyzing alleviation from poverty, unemployment and domestic abuse in its wake. Today, Agapi is more than a large line of indigenously and locally sourced products of beauty and healing (from soap bars to bath oils to creams) — it is a relentless, ceaseless movement.
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